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The Board of Directors for Children’s Theater Workshop is proud to announce registration for its 19th season of the Summer Theater Workshop for the children of Pamlico County. The program takes place in the “Old Theater” on Broad Street in Oriental during the month of July. The workshop will consist of four two-week, half day programs with appropriate age groupings. Students who have completed 1st through 12th grades are welcome to apply by contacting Registrar, Julia Mobley 249-6913 or Founder/Director – Patti Higginbottom, 249-2968.

The major purpose of the workshop is to enrich the lives of the participating children by providing them the opportunity to take part in a program in the theater arts within the theater setting. As in the past, we have hired a degreed and experienced theater arts educator. The tuition is minimal because the program is supported by grants and donations from local businesses and individuals We believe that the shared experience of this workshop will engender an abiding interest in theater, expose the children to the many facets of theater production, help prepare them to face an audience, and most of all be an enjoyable experience for all who participate. Last year more than 60 children attended our program and presented an exciting sharing time to the public at the end of each session.

Beth Woodard
Jenni Sisk

Beth is currently teaching at South Caldwell High School – Hudson NC with emphasis on skills in: playwriting, acting, directing, theatre history. Pantomime, voice, improvisation, technical design and play production. She received her Masters Degree in Theatre a UNCG, graduated with a 4.0 average. Her bachelors in English & theater arts education came from Lenoir-Rhyne University where she graduated Magna Cum Laude and has been teaching in the field for over 20 years.
Her list of theater projects is extensive and ambitious. We are feeling very lucky to have someone of hr caliber who is excited about coming to Pamlico County.



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